Monday, November 28, 2011

Pastor alph lukau the visible


  1. Our Church services are basically the gathering of believers to celebrate the work of Ministry and teaching the truth of the Kingdom of God.

  2. Pastor Lukau
    We request payment for the outstanding amount, for the table and chairs that we made for you before 16:00 on Friday 14 December 2012.
    We have waited 6 weeks now for payment. We relied on the money that was promised to be paid in @ 16:00 on Friday 2 November 2012. It wasn’t paid in. Then it was promised @ 11:00 on Saturday 3 November 2012. No payment! Woodwork is our sole income. We budgeted on the money. Because it wasn’t paid in our debit orders for both our cars did not go through. We had to go to the bank and asked then for a further overdraft to pay our wages, Eskom and Telkom.
    Every time there is promises that “the money will be paid in tomorrow” but that never happens. It is now 6 weeks later and we still didn’t get our money. Some of our workers must go on leave; they must receive their wage plus leave payment. We cannot ask for a further overdraft, the bank will not grant it.
    We are in the furniture manufacturing industry for over 30 years and this has not happened before. All our clients pay their deposit and on the day of delivery the outstanding amount. We had to turn away some of our clients to manufacture your table and chairs.
    Hendrik van der Merwe had a letter for “Demanding of Payment” delivered through his attorney. Michelle phoned and said the money will be paid in on 12 December 2012. Still no payment!!
    I am sorry, but it cannot carry on like this. If after tomorrow 16:00 we still did not receive payment, I will have no other choice as to take this matter further by posting comments on hellopeter, facebook etc.
    Please!? We need this money urgently!
    Eloff Tambotie

  3. When are you having the next healing service and where are you based in Johannesburg?

  4. My name is Martina Tomah in the United States, I watched you for the first time yesterday night, I need you to pray for me. how can I conduct you

  5. please pray for my son IAn Antao

  6. My sister in-law introduced your ministry to me last evening. As soon as I got home, I logged onto YouTube and started watching the mighty works of God performed through your ministry. I had cold symptoms yesterday but as I was watching, I didn't realised that I was also receiving my healing. However, this morning I realised the symptoms is gone. Thank you Jesus. I have a need and want your support in prayer. I have submitted a scholarship application to DFAT Australia. I want to study full time next year and want DFAT Australia to sponsor my training. I also want to operate a guest house by September 2018 but the building is still in the process of completion. This house needs to be furnished and be used for the glory of God. I need your prayers

  7. I matthew Amponsah from Ghana Living in Colombia Bogota as a teacher and i am waiting for my on board ship contract letter to work in the United State with Carnival Cruise line. i have been waiting for almost a year after watching My Dady my pastor my mentor i sent an email to my coordinator and i am believing in God of MY Dady to let me receive my contract letter in Jesus Name AMMEEEEN. I Just sent a watsapp message to my coordinator telling Her that God says the next person scheduled for the next contract is me so am waiting for my letter tomorrow